пятница, 4 мая 2012 г.

Petit coeur bleu and Petit couer III by Atalie - more versions

I have stitched both designs so many times, and I'm sure I will make more in the future. These are two of my favorite designs.

 GAST - Old Lace, on 32ct Belfast linen, cream

 Nina's Threads - Eggplant, on 40ct hand dyed linen by Nina,
lace is Eggplant by Nina

 CC - Miss Madalyn on 32ct antique white linen

Nina's Threads - Punk, on 36ct hand dyed linen by Nina

Nina's Threads - Beetroot, on 36ct hand dyed linen by Nina

Nina's Threads - Jade, on 32ct hand dyed evenweave by Nina

 HDF BeMused silk on 32ct Belfast linen, 1 over 1

HDF Rum Cherry silk on 32ct antique white Permin linen, 1 over 1

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4 коммент.:

Nurdan комментирует...

Colors are just wonderful. I like all very much...


Kalinka комментирует...

С ума сойти, какая красота! И по цветам идеально!

Evgenia комментирует...

Nina! they are beautiful!

Pam комментирует...

Such beautiful work! Just stunning. x

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